Our guide on what to wear this Valentine’s Day.

We all know Valentine’s Day is one of the most important days when it comes to showing up and showing out, and not just when it comes to the gifts. It’s also real important to make sure you have your Valentines Day look on lock, regardless of what you get up to. So, we’ve put together a Valentine’s Day lookbook for a full day of love-themed activities, a weekend getaway and the most important date night of the year.

If you’ve got your fit sorted for 14th Feb, scroll down to check out our Lab3l gift guide instead.

All Day Fits

Whether you’re getting breakfast before work and meeting up straight after, or heading out for a full day of romance, these looks are a sure-fire go to look as fresh at the end of the day as it did when you first put it on.

We’ve opted for denim and a knit for this look. This is because, these materials tend not to lose shape, regardless of what you’ve been doing all day. Plus, if you’re heading to date night post-work, you’ll want to make sure your fit can withstand the test of time. Our Mantra top & Brooklyn Denim Jacket will allow you to still look slick enough for date night, even if you don’t have time to switch it up.

Romantic Getaway Looks



Looking and feeling good is essential when it comes to your romantic getaway look. You might be hitting up a drastically different climate, so you need to make sure you look good whilst working for the weather.

For the high temp look, it’s fairly simple. A bold look to compliment your post-poolside tan and your sun kissed other half. You’ll likely have some pieces from last summer you can use to recreate this. However, our Saitama Tee & Jefferson Shorts are bound to give your fit some much needed freshness. As for the low temp look, the idea is to have a hero piece. This tends to be statement outerwear that brings the full look together. Our Broadway Bomber does just that whilst making it almost impossible to not coordinate with whatever your date will be wearing.

Date Night



If you’re staying local, you have the choice of either keeping it minimal, or pulling out your best pieces. Staying in means that you can strike a balance between lounge wear and something clean-cut. To achieve this, go for a premium 2-piece like our Manhattan Track Pant & Jumper.

Going out means you can slightly change up your usual date night fit, by adding more formal outerwear or a statement pair of kicks. Either way, our Sān Hoodie & White Original Tee should help you get that balance without compromising a look that’ll be good enough for a nice restaurant & your valentine.

Lab3l’s mini Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Whether you were in need of the above inspo or were looking into getting some Lab3l pieces for yourself, the easiest way to get what you’ve had your eye on this month, is via our mini gift guide. Below are our top 3 gifting essentials. Just send this article on to your significant other and that way, you’ll get a gift and something to help you upgrade your fits in 2020.


You really can’t go wrong with a high quality hoodie and our Sān Hoodie is a staple, no matter the season. Plus, you can always share, so it’s really two gifts for the price of one.


Give your Tee collection a minimal yet cool addition, with our brand new Oversize Biker Skull Tee. Perfect for giving those band tees and trendy graphic tees a rest. Plus, it looks great paired with a classic pair of cigarette pants or ripped black denim.


Premium suede? Check. High quality 3D embroidery? Check. Slick triple black colourway? Check. The perfect gift that he’ll never take off ? Check, check ,check. This one’s a no-brainer, you won’t disappoint by gifting our Black Suede Trucker Hat this Valentine’s Day. Trust us.