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Launched in 2018, Lab3l is the extension of prominent figure Joss Mooney. A multi-functional lifestyle brand for both men and women.  With a strong brand value rooted at the core, ‘Not Just A Label’ is driven to pave its own way by creating and delivering a unique product to its customers. Focusing on designs that encompass distressed, grungy and smart wear elements.

Through a collection of premium products designed in-house. Lab3l curates a selection of apparel that includes an original range of; outerwear, hoodies, t-shirts (tees), tracksuits and joggers (track pants).  All designed with the ethos to have you feeling comfortable, relaxed and confident in simplistic, yet detailed styles that can be worn in any setting.

Lab3l was founded by Joss Mooney, whom has long been captivated by fashion and its creativity. Mooney grew closer to the industry throughout his modelling career and decided to create a range that expresses his own personal style. While running under a personal philosophy of looking beyond the surface. Joss has the desire to shift the current fashion landscape by giving you, ‘Not Just A Label’, but essential pieces that empower & inspire you to live and see more.

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