In life, there’s a pretty significant correlation between how you feel and how good you look. With everyone spending most of their time inside, you may be under the impression that with less exposure to dry weather, outside germs and polluted air, your skin and hair is in prime condition. Whilst that might be partly true, it’s also partly wrong. At this point in your lock-down journey, you’ve probably taken up a health & fitness regime of some sort, to keep your insides in order. But, it’s also important to not neglect your skin & hair, as this will likely affect how you feel inside.

Quarantine & self-isolation tips
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Given the bleak nature of the current time, we’re making sure that we stay on top of our wellness, which in turn positively impacts our mental health. So, that’s why we decided to put together this quick guide for anyone who’s keen to do the same. Self-care & grooming is always a nice and easy place to start because it’s likely that you’ll either already have a routine, or you’re looking to start one. So to get you started, here are some tips on how to help yourself feel better on the outside as well the inside.

Starting or tuning up your grooming routine

If you think your routine can do with an upgrade, it’s good to review what you’ve been doing and what you’ve used first. If you don’t have a routine, you can do the same with your everyday essentials. With the current social & commercial climate, brands are working overtime to convince you that you need their products, now more than ever. It’s tempting to take advantage of discounts or to try and feel better via impulse purchases. But, let’s be honest, you might not need to buy anything new.

Upgrading doesn’t always mean adding, you can just as easily fine-tune your process by removing things or using specific products less often. So before you go buying some random product (because you saw the ad for it 56 times yesterday), all you have to do is look at what you’re already working with and go from there. 

That may sound boring or like too much work, so we put together the below questions to help you evaluate what your grooming routine needs.


  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • Are there new products you want to try?
  • Will said-products help with what’s not working?
  • Will they work combined with the products that are already working?


  • What do you need to work on? (e.g dry skin, thin hair, dark circles etc)
  • What products have worked for you in the past?
  • What hasn’t worked for you in the past?
  • How much time & effort are you happy to spend on grooming?
  • What’s your budget?

Then using the answers from the above, you’ll have keywords you can use to search for potential grooming products & reviews.

For further tips & expertise, these playlists from trustee YouTubers, Alex Costa, James Welsh & Weston Boucher are great to tune into.

Doing it yourself

Quarantine & self-isolation tips

Whether you’re frugal or just trying to stay on top of finances, there is a way you can self-care and save money. The answer is DIY/homemade skincare and haircare treatments. YouTube & Pinterest are the easiest platforms to use to look into these, but you can also ask some of your favourite influencers via IG & Twitter if they can recommend any.

Not sure where to start? Well, you’ve probably been washing your hands lots, which can have adverse effects on your skin. A simple sugar or salt scrub that you can knock up in 5 minutes could be an easy fix for that. There’s bound to be many treatments you can try using stuff you already have. Plus, if you prefer natural and cruelty-free products, it’s a win-win.

Take it easy

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The key thing to remember when approaching self-care & grooming is ensuring your process or routine, results in you feeling good/better. Most people think self-care & grooming requires lots of steps, effort & expensive products. That’s just not true. The whole point is for you to do something that makes life a little easier, which in turn makes you feel good about yourself. So, whether that’s giving yourself a buzz-cut until your next barbershop visit (we get why everyone’s doing it), giving yourself more time to oil your beard or doing a face mask with your missus, only do it if it genuinely works for you.