Something for those ‘too wild to live’ & ‘too rare to die‘…

Concept – A Skull Tee like no other

Here at Lab3l, our philosophy is to look beyond the surface to create essential pieces, that empower & inspire our community to live rather than just exist. In addition to dedicating our time to building a versatile collection, we’re also focused on championing complex, yet low-key pieces that you can wear whenever, wherever, with whatever and hopefully forever. Which is exactly what our latest drop is truly about.

So without further ado, we’re happy to introduce you to the Oversized Biker Skull Tee

Just like every other Lab3l piece, this one is very special to not just the Lab3l team, but especially to Lab3l founder, Joss Mooney. It’d have been easy for us to create a t-shirt with just any skull motif, so we really challenged ourselves to make sure the design was truly unique and aligned with everything the brand stands for.


  • Premium cotton in a deep black shade
  • Biker inspired skull design with motivational quotes integrated into motif. Printed in white, on reverse.
  • ‘Lab3l’ text printed on left-hand, upper chest, in white biker style font
  • Oversized, broad fit
  • Short sleeves with clean hem

If you’re a big fan of an oversized fit, a design with an edge, as well as a premium look, then this piece is the perfect combination of those exact elements.

Styling Tips

We trust that you’ll know exactly how to style this piece and where you’ll want to rock it. But, it’s not like us to not provide some styling tips. We highly recommend pairing this tee with black utility trousers (as pictured), or a close fit pair of black jeans. Both are perfect for day or night, and work just as well to transition from one to the other. As for where to wear it, well we’ll leave that up to you.

Like the tee says, ‘ wear with confidence. Get yours here.