Street Wear. Not a Fashion Statement. A Lifestyle.

Streetwear is a lifestyle. Fashion trends are always changing, but streetwear has remained popular for decades now. It's a lifestyle that isn't defined by what you wear but by how you feel in your own skin. You can be comfortable and stylish at the same time, and that's what makes streetwear so appealing and why Lab3l was created.

When you think of streetwear, the first thing that should come to mind is comfortability. That is one of the main goals of this style and our brand. Being comfortable in your own skin and being able to wear whatever it is you please without people judging or trying to deem your clothing as inappropriate is what makes this trend so special and exactly what Lab3l stands for. Just take one look at an oversized t-shirt with graphics or logo on it and you'll know that's what I'm talking about. But remember, there still needs to be some type of balance between comfortability and looking clean and polished.

Comfortability isn't only important when it comes to physicality, but also mentally. Many believe that streetwear is just a fashion statement when in reality it's more than that. Streetwear has changed from being a trend into becoming a lifestyle for many people all over the world because they feel like themselves wearing these clothes - something not too many people get to experience nowadays following trends just for the sake of following them·

Now, the right fit is the key to any good street style look. If a hoodie or sweatshirt doesn’t fit perfectly, it doesn’t work! Play around with different clothes types and materials when wearing your clothes. As we said earlier, the main goal for this trend is finding a balance between comfortability and looking clean but sometimes that means playing around with different silhouettes or designs on t-shirts in order to achieve that perfect blend between being loose enough while also fitting just right where it counts!

Good luck on your streetwear journey and always remember that streetwear means being true to your creativity and style. If Lab3l can help you get there that's great, but if not people walking around comfortable, confident and happy is the main thing! 

May 09, 2022 — Jonny Miller