Lab3l Pink Oversize Racer Tee
These days, Pink is widely seen as a unisex colour and when it comes to menswear, It’s often seen adorned in the form of a suit shirt or a polo. And yet, it’s still a colour that’s underrepresented in most wardrobes, especially as a t-shirt.

If you’re not currently in ownership of a pink tee, it’s likely that you tried donning one once and were subjected to endless jokes. Or, if you’re still a slave to social conditioning, you may be apprehensive of the colour making you appear girly or effeminate. But, the truth is that when it comes to personal style, no colour should be off-limits. More often than not, all it takes is finding the right shade and a little confidence to pull it off.

It’s also very likely that your wardrobe already has a bit of pink. Perhaps in the form of a pair of socks, you got as a gift. Maybe it’s a tie your wore once a while back or a stag do t-shirt. If that’s the case, then pink has been present in your wardrobe, but mostly as an afterthought. Which is a shame because when done right, pink has a way of making the right statement about you and your style. “Wearing pink automatically tells people you’re a confident character,” says Tony Cook, A$AP Rocky’s stylist.

If you’re still not sure about getting some pink in your t-shirt collection, perhaps these styling stips will change your mind...


Lab3l Pink Oversize Trinal Tee
If you're used to wearing a lot of black or colour blocking your outfits, it's possible that you compensate for the minimal colour contrast, with either a lot of accessories or louder details. When it comes to rocking a pink tee, it's all about toning it down. Stick to accessorising with essentials only. Plus, it won't hurt to keep your jewellery/metal to a minimum.


Lab3l Pink Oversize Racing Tee
Since you'll be rocking a bold colour, the key to not overdoing it is coordinating with complimentary colours. Aim for pairing with colours such as green, black, blue, white & grey for the rest of your fit. Denim is always an obvious match for a pink tee, but this can go wrong if the wash is too light. You can also pair with another shade of pink, as Joss has here with the Dusky Grey Suede Trucker Hat which has pink undertones. Just be sure to choose a more muted tone of pink than the one you're wearing.

So, why waste any more time avoiding the pink t-shirt shaped elephant in the room, shop our latest Lab3l Pink Tees here & here.
August 19, 2020 — Jonny Miller