How To Stay On Trend In Just A Few Simple Steps

Find Your Aesthetic

In order to dress on trend with a cool fashion style you'll need to find your personal aesthetic. Remember, fashion is about originality and being different. That said, there are certain general rules that you may want to consider if you want to wear the latest streetwear. First of all, choose a style that you feel comfortable with and make sure it matches your personality.

Dress for the occasion as well—you won't be wearing sneakers everywhere, nor will you be sporting a suit at the park. Last but not least, choose a look that you can wear all year round rather than just one season (unless you live in a place where it's always sunny). Once you've found what best represents who you are and where/when to wear each piece of clothing, rock your style with confidence!

Befriend The Mirrors

It’s always so annoying when you get dressed into a nice outfit, walk out of your bedroom, and then someone says something negative about what you've picked.

My advice, befriend the mirrors in your house. They can help you know what looks good on you and what doesn’t, they can give advice on whether or not to wear that shirt or those shoes with that outfit, and they can make sure you cut the tag off of all new clothes before leaving the house!

But it all starts with buying a full-length mirror for your room. It might be tough when you first buy it because mirrors are hard to get along with; they never let anything go about how short your hair is or how big your nose is or if there’s a stain somewhere on something (they never let me forget about the time I 'accidentally' had left of pizza for breakfast). But once I got used to my mirror and we started to understand each other better it helped me get comfortable with who I was and what looks and styles I liked.

Less Is More

One easy way to make sure you’re only wearing the best clothes is to constantly be on the lookout for anything that doesn’t fit well, is outdated, or has seen better days. Whenever you find something like this (and we all have a few things like this), get rid of it. Sell on platforms like Depop or Donate it or, if it's not in good enough condition for donation, throw it away. This can seem brutal at first, but it ensures that your wardrobe will only contain clothes you love and feel good in. Keeping up with this practice also means that your wardrobe will remain compact and focused, which makes getting dressed in the morning so much easier—you won't be overwhelmed by options!

You'll notice many other benefits from paring down your wardrobe as well. For example, when your clothing is more limited, each individual piece becomes more important to you because there are fewer other options to wear when you're putting together an outfit. As a result of this mindfulness about what you put on every day, your sense of style will improve over time as well; plus, looking great will become easier because there's less room for error! The pieces in your closet do all the work for you; they are high quality and look great together!


Be Consistent

If you are dressing with any degree of consistency, your goal should be to be consistently recognized. Picking a style that you are comfortable in and sticking with it is the best way to do that. If you look at the style of anyone who is really worth admiring, it will be obvious that they have a strong, defined look that they stick with. Looking good requires more than just memorizing the latest trends and throwing them at the wall to see what sticks. In fact, true self-expression through your clothing only comes when you have a signature look—something that defines you. So if you want to dress like an icon, become one too: Be consistent.

Some examples for inspiration: Kanye West and his oversize tees are not just a fashion statement—they’re part of his identity. If he didn’t wear them as often as he did, we wouldn’t associate them with him and we wouldn’t think he looks so cool in them

Choose Quality Over Quantity

It's always best to choose quality over quantity. In the long-run, a higher price tag often means that your clothes will last longer and look better. Choosing looks made from quality fabrics and materials is the best way to ensure that you're buying clothing that is:

  • Durable—quality materials are more resistant to wear and tear, so you don't have to worry about them falling apart after one or two washes or wears.

  • Easy to clean—quality materials are easier to clean and maintain because stains don't soak in as readily, for example.

  • Stylish—quality fabrics look better because they drape more naturally on the body and fall gracefully when pressed.

  • Comfortable—high-end material feels softer against the skin than cheaper options. This will keep your clothes looking good while also keeping you feeling comfortable throughout the day.

  • Environmentally friendly—when you buy high-end clothes, it's a greater investment of your money, which means that you won't need to replace them as frequently. Instead of sending multiple tanks of cheap polyester into landfills each year, you can send one tank of soft cotton instead!

We hope these tips helped and if you feel you want to update your wardrobe check out our latest range here.
April 25, 2022 — Jonny Miller