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Holiday season is loading, the afternoon daydreams of three-day working weeks are in full swing. The sun keeps teasing us and we have already started mentally packing our flying essentials for our trip stateside for our upcoming launch. Excited much? You have no idea!

Although L.A is calling, the long-haul flight itself is not. With that being said there are a couple of things that can make any long flight be a little more bearable and not fill you with dread before stepping on the plane.

Here’s our lying essential tips to help you prepare. Have you feeling buzzed when you touch down and ready to take this holiday on like you should.

The Travel Outfit

So many factors have to be considered when it comes to the outfit you wear whilst travelling. Aircon that’ll come on full blast whilst you’re mid-air. Those security alarms going on a mad one for no reason. Plus, having to adapt from cold to warm weather in a matter of hours. It’s so easy to get it all wrong and you do not want to look or feel like a dog’s dinner when you arrive.

Firstly, let’s tackle pre-flight unless you want to set off the security alarms it’s best to go jewel- less and pack your chains, rings etc in your luggage. Also, trainers are your best friend , comfortable & much more easier to take off should you need to. On board the flight; layers, layers and more layers! That way you’ll be prepared for when it gets cold, cold, hot, then cold again…  You get the picture. You don’t have to overdo it and be that crazy person wearing and carrying ton’s of clothes. Our classic tracksuit (San Trackpant, San Hoodie) & oversized tee is the perfect combo for this dilemma, it’ll keep you warm and give you that effortless premium steez without going overboard.

Travelling Must Haves

Now imagine arriving at your hotel / airbnb after that long flight, you go to charge your phone and you can’t?! I know nightmare. It’s happened to the best of us, but the travel adapter is probably one of the most important essentials. That has to be on your mental checklist because being on holiday without your phone? That’s hell on earth, no contest!

Next up is toiletries, because the struggle of lost luggage is most definitely real. You don’t want to be forking out extra cash for these bits, it’s just unnecessary. Get yourself some miniatures from any supermarket and you are good to go!

Image Credits: Amazon|Selfridges | Lab3l