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March is moving along swiftly and I don’t know about you but we’re definitely in need of some sun and ready to get rid of the schizophrenic (rain, sleet, sunny spells and sometimes snow all in one day?) weather here in the UK. Yes, we can see the Easter Holidays on the horizon and we are already counting down the days to the launch of our new Spring / Summer collection in LA. Excited to finally show you all what we have been cooped up working on over the winter months but also palm trees, sun, sand and oh did we say sun?

Now, biased is not our first name, so instead of telling you all to meet us in LA (you could though) we’ve actually put together a few places near and far, that are going to be buzzing this year. Why not get in there early before everyone’s mum, dad, sister and dog? Plus, you can always catch up with our highlights on Instagram stories. That way you get TWO holidays, for the price of one – you’re welcome 🙂


First up is the beautiful Barcelona aka Barca and honestly, as a holiday destination it has so much variety. If you are hitting it with the boys, looking for decent nightlife and beach time you can hit up Barceloneta & the Gothic Quarter. Barceloneta is the most popular beach spot in the city which has the three most elements: sand, sun and bars. At night the Gothic Quarter is the place to be, famous with the international crowd I am sure you would have some stories to tell by the end of the night. Now if you are with the girlfriend looking for a slower pace, Poble Sec has got plenty of restaurants and less crowded bars to keep the missus fed and happy.


Now, Perth is a bit of a pricey option but if you’ve been lucky enough to get that end of the financial year bonus, then why not. How many people would be able to say they cut to Perth for a quick break for their Easter holiday? Not many, so treat yourself!

A mix of cool, adventure (shark diving anyone?), surf, tan and ridiculous food. This place has it all. Though it’s the beginning of Autumn around April time in Perth don’t let that put you off as temperatures are still quite warm (26 °C) and it is still bikini weather ☺


Tried, tested and probably the easiest on the wallet, out of all the options. You can be in Santorini quicker than going to Manchester from London. Plus, it’s ridiculously insta worthy compared to the other Euro islands. This island is very chill around April/ May time, so if you are in need of a shutdown and don’t want to blow the bank before summer, then this is the perfect place to go.


Riviera might not be what comes to mind when you think Turkey, but we promise you Bodrum is a unicorn island. Luxury, premium and stylish AF! Think house music, beach, marina and non stop drinks from dusk till dawn.  It’s under the radar, so it attracts the rich / famous, and although it’s a little pricey the Turkish Lira is still quite weak against the pound. So you can still party, eat, dance and tan yourself on secret beach spots without worrying about the bank account.

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