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That little bit of global warming over the last week got us a little bit excited, didn’t it?! Some of us were already getting the spring gear lined up, way too soon! But hey the sun does that to you don’t it? Ah well the normal schedule is back on track and that means layering and keeping warm.

So, with that, nothing is better than a killer combo that give’s the middle finger to the cold and still makes you look steezy. Let’s get into some outerwear picks that you can achieve with our hoodie selection and will have you on point!

Bomber jacket style that can be worn with Lab3l hoodie
Scott Disick

The Bomber Best 

Probably the most essential jacket you can have, the bomber jacket is so interchangeable. You can wear it all year round, so if the weather decided to resemble spring, winter or monsoon season you will be forever sorted. For now, it’s perfect for layering and wearing over our San Hoodie. 

Leather jacket style that can be worn with Lab3l hoodie
Justin Theroux

The Leather Best 

A classic, the leather jacket is a piece that looks great no matter the cut. Able to give any outfit that little bit of edge and can take you from relaxed day to night revels without a need for awkward outfit changes in-between. As long as you have a premium base underneath, you are good to go. The San Hoodie is a perfect base for this look.

Denim jacket style that can be worn with Lab3l hoodie
Zac Efron

The Denim Best 

Great for sudden warmer temperatures, the denim jacket has become a key item between the undecided winter / spring weather. There so many different colours & style variations to choose from. We recommend getting in on the 18/19 update of the jacket with a fur or borg collar. Which can take you from grabbing a pint with a mate to a casual drink date, like that! (pretends to snap fingers) 

Puffer jacket style that can be worn with Lab3l hoodie
Playboy Carti

The Puffer Best 

No one has time for getting bogged down with man – flu anytime soon and the Puffer jacket will definitely protect you. No joke, I have never heard anyone moaning that they are cold when they have one on. Perfect for keeping the cold out and has that undeniable 90’s influence, think more Playboy Carti and less mountain ranger. We know that the fur hood puffer was all the rage this winter. However we advise to keep it simple, go collarless and get a Jefferson hoodie underneath, you can thank us later.

Camel coat style that can be worn with Lab3l hoodie
Hallie Baldwin

Image credits: GQ |Styleholic| GQ | Glamour